Conversations in the Life of Liliana Segre by Elizabeth Adams
Curvy Kindling Basket by Joanna Soedring
Ash Splint Basket with Bunny Ear Handles by Michelle Mateo
Bicycle Basket by Angela Edward
Hollow Forms 1, 2 and 3 by Joanna Gilmour
Untitled by Janice Brooklyn
Empty Vessels by Judith Ferns
Mad Red Hex by Jackie Sweet
Ship Shape by Clair Murphy
Lanzarote by Sally Roach
All the Trimmings by Penny Maltby
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Today, the OB has many members throughout Oxfordshire and beyond.

These include professional basketmakers and teachers as well as researchers, collectors and people who simply like baskets or enjoy ‘having a go’ from time to time. 

Delivered through a regular programme of workshops, talks, visits, social gatherings and with opportunities to exhibit.

New members are always very welcome. 


A quick glance...

Oxfordshire Basketmakers / Clare Revera
Celtic knot plain / photo copyright Clare Revera


**CLARE REVERA’S WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL but please email the booking co-ordinator to be placed on a waiting list.**

SATURDAY, 29th JUNE 2024
Clare Revera – 1 day workshop exploring Celtic Knot Baskets

VENUE: St Nicholas Church Hall, Elsfield Road, Old Marston OX3 0PR

Clare Revera – Exploring Celtic Knot Baskets – read more for info and booking forms

Oxfordshire Basketmakers / John Page
Oxfordshire Basketmakers / JohnPage_Looping_Netting


SATURDAY, 21st September 2024
John Page – 1 day workshop – Looping and netting

VENUE: St Nicholas Church Hall, Elsfield Road, Old Marston OX3 0PR

John Page – Looping and netting– read more for info and booking forms 

Oxfordshire Basketmakers / Ruby Taylor
Pine needle baskets / Photo copyright Ruby Taylor



SATURDAY, 23rd November 2024
Ruby Taylor – 1 day workshop – Pine needle baskets

VENUE: St Nicholas Church Hall, Elsfield Road, Old Marston OX3 0PR

Ruby Taylor – Pine Needle baskets– read more for info and booking forms

New Year Social

Rosie Farey/rush


Breton Baskets/willow


Alongside our own ideas for workshops Oxfordshire Basketmakers wishes to invite requests from all of its members for future 2025 workshops and beyond.

Perhaps there are particular techniques members would like to learn and/or tutors they would like to see invited to hold particular workshops.

If so then please email the course co-ordinator Angela Edward with your thoughts and suggestions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dear members, the committee would like to have your views about whether it would be useful to set up some kind of bursary scheme to help those in financial need to attend the workshops that we organise.  We generally have a good attendance for them but are concerned that there may be members who are having to miss out because of pressure from the cost of living increases.
If you have any thoughts then please do email angelaedward9@googlemail.com